Thursday, 14 May 2015

Review | Tanya Burr Lipgloss - NEW COLOURS!

You guys may, or may not know that I love the Tanya Burr lip glosses. They glide on beautifully and I found myself gradually adding to my collection  over time. She recently released a few more colours, so obviously I had to take a look! 
Fragrance Direct are having a huge sale, and the Tanya Burr bits are all included, so naturally I took advantage. I bought three of the new colours, all for £1.99 each! 
I picked up the colours Aphrodite, I found Nemo and Lunch Date. 
From left to right - Aphrodite, I found Nemo and Lunch Date. 

Aphrodite is a gorgeous coral-red colour, that is a little less opaque than I'd honestly like it to be. However I do like the gel texture, rather than milky/creamy glosses. It has a lovely amount of pink shimmer in, that isn't too much, and shows up subtly on the lips. 
It does go on a little inconsistently and patchy, but I really like the juicy raspberry coral colour. These glosses are a little sticky, so be careful in the wind with long hair! 
I found Nemo, is a pretty peachy orange colour. However on the lips it's not as peachy gel as I'd like, it's a little more creamy. There's subtle gold peach shimmer, which again, I really like. I feel like a little glitter adds some dimension to the lips. I did find that this was a little more cream finish like Lunch Date, rather than wet finish like Aphrodite. 
Lunch Date is really creamy, and is probably my least favourite of the three that I bought. I feel like although Aphrodite settles in the lines it makes my lips look wetter, whereas with Lunch Date, it just looks a little thick. I do like this as a pretty, nude lipgloss, but it lacks the shimmer that the other two have, and in so doing, it lacks that dimension.

I really do like the general formula of the Tanya Burr glosses, they smell amazing, like red laces. They have a nice flat sponge applicator - I much prefer these to the weird splaying brushes you can get in some glosses, however they do need a coat or two to get a more even finish. They are a little sticky, but they are nowhere near as sticky as MAC glosses, and only really get tacky later on in the wear time, and obviously with long hair and wind - y'all know how it is! 

I'd definitely say try picking a couple of these up if you can, especially now that they are only £1.99 in the Fragrance Direct sale! But you can also pick these up at Superdrug. 
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