Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My first baking video!

So as you all know I'm making some forays into the big wide world of YouTube, and I think I'm doing okay. It's not like I have 100s of subscribers, but I think that my videos are coming out well, which is the main point right? 
Anyway, I've been watching baking videos for ages on YouTube, people like Beth Mota and Jennifer Ross totally inspire my own videos. So I've decided to do some of my own! Yup! 
My first video is clearly inspired by the Christmas season, and honestly there were some ups and downs, not everything went right but then it was never going to! I used the wrong pan in the beginning, but those mince pies turned out fine anyway. But I absolutely LOVED making this video, and will probably do more the closer it gets to Christmas because let's face it I'm a baker...obviously this video isn't the best example but stick around and watch the bloopers at the end. 
In this video I show you how to make some incredibly easy, idiot proof, mince pies. Literally the village fool could make these, and you can freeze them ahead of time to cook on Christmas Eve! 
I'd definitely recommend the Sainsbury's own mincemeat though, it's bloody brilliant and packed full of fruit. It's only £1.80 ish for the massive jar that I got. Good huh? 
Anyway, sit back, relax and SUBSCRIBE! 
Ps. Be prepared for my NEW FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS SONG to debut in this video...

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  1. Cute video! I'm following you on youtube now too. I absolutely love mince meat pies! My dad makes them every year for the holidays and in a few short weeks I'll be stuffing my face with those and some hard sauce! Mmmmmmmmmmmm :)



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