Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lush Haul #1

This week I went to return some online purchases to H&M, unfortunately I was unaware of the fact that if you buy a product online you have to return it via mail, but you can exchange it in-store for store credit. Basically this means that if you want to return in-store H&M still gets your money, which pisses me off with them a little, especially as I'd driven 45 minutes to specifically return the products. I'm going to mail them out tomorrow... pissed...yeah! 
* Rant over *
On to the Lush Haul...
So I didn't buy a LOT, (when you compare it to some people out here on the interweb) but I bought what I really wanted to try out. I've bought things from Lush before, but that was around this time last year, and I will DEFINITELY be checking out their Christmas collection this year (you might even see some goodies from that in my Christmas giveaway...!) 
Also, this is very picture heavy because I wanted you guys to be able to see the packaging, the containers and the ingredients if they are provided on the packaging. I will be doing reviews separately. 
BIG shampoo - £11.50
This is the BIG shampoo, I've heard a lot of good things about this and the idea of scrubbing salt into my scalp (as gross as it sounds) seems to really intrigue me. Elle Fowler particularly seems to like this shampoo, and I really like how big her hair always is. My hair is quite voluminous anyway, but I've run out of my Herbal Essences volumising shampoo so I thought, heck why not invest in something more natural. Also, the salt flakes will help to stimulate my scalp and promote hair growth! Yay! I like the salty smell on my hair, I'll always spritz a little sea salt spray on my hair (favourite is VO5 and Mark Hill) to give it a slight salty smell...I just realised how weird that is. 
Floating Island - £4.15 
I figured something out whilst looking at the HUGE pile of Floating Islands, they aren't all the same size! So obviously since they are all the same price, I found the biggest one and bought that...makes sense right? That's definitely something to bare in mind when you are buying bubble bars/bath melts in Lush, the cost isn't worked out by weight like the soaps, so find the biggest one girl! I bought this because I keep having a fantasy of having one of those milk-type baths like Cleopatra, but the idea of bathing in milk creeps me out a this smells a LOT better! Some of the Floating Islands are pure white, and some are the oatmeal-y colour like mine, the scent is slightly vanillery, it's sweet and clean. 
(Also the date on that is when I bought it, not the use-by) 
Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon - £3.25
This was something I went in not expecting to buy, I'd seen someone haul one of these Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroons on YouTube and sort of passed it by...DON'T! When I went in the shop I saw that they had three kinds, a pink which was rose, a green which was 'summer'/grassy and this orange one. I immediately eliminated the pink and green, I hate the scent of rose and it's autumn. So I picked this one up and it blew my mind! It smells so yummy this is definitely my favourite purchase, there is definitely a lot of shea butter and coconut oil in it because the bag is slightly stained with oil...I can tell it will be LUXURIOUS in the tub! It smells chocolatey, fruity and warm...delish! 
Sultana of Soap - £3.47 - £34/Kg
I seem to have a really good talent for finding pieces of soap in Lush that are around 100g, seriously! I'm definitely a fan of Lush's Rock Star soap (you know the bright smelly pink one?) but I wanted something a little more sophisticated this time. I checked out Figs and Leaves but wasn't a fan, Porridge just smelt bad to me and then I saw this one snuggled right down in the's blissful! Sultana of Soap is sweet but not overpowering, creamy and clean. It is definitely a new favourite, it's very soft and melty so I'm glad that I already have a Lush tin at home. I'll probably cut this into three or four pieces. It is fruity and creamy and kinda does seem like a really good scent for this time of year! 

I hope you guys liked my little Lush haul, I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the products and reviewing them for y'all. I'm also a little busy right now doing FDA work and I'm actually working on a pretty big project right exciting! 
I'm planning a LOT of Christmas stuff for you guys at the moment, I was considering doing some Halloween YouTube videos, but I don't know if I'll have the come Christmas, BEWARE!

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