Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Makeup Collection pt 2

Hey Guys! So this is my second part of my makeup collection, I really like viewing these on blogs and on YouTube so I decided to take you through mine! 
 As you can see from the title image I have a large drawer under my bathroom sink in which I keep the majority of my makeup products, these are more 'mainstream' products like blushers, eyeliners etc. In the picture above I have my lip balms and lip scrubs to the left. I must warn you, the Popcorn lip scrub form Lush doesn't taste as good as it might sound. It's still tolerable though. I keep my eyeliners in the little pink jar, I need a bigger jar...too much eyeliner! To the right I have a cow-print glass/mug in which I keep my mascaras.
 This is my most prized section of my makeup collection, my lipsticks! On the right are a load of sample size lipsticks I got last Christmas in a huge boots lipstick kit, it's a great idea because it means I have literally every colour, shade and finish of lipstick. In the centre are my lipsticks, to the right I keep my balm 'pens' like the Revlon Kissable Balm stains and at the bottom are a bunch of lip liners alongside the double-ended Max Factor lipstick. 
 I have two glasses in which I keep my lip glosses, these are organised as neutrals and clears on the left and bold and bright colours on the right. Below that is a glass bowl like the one I use for my cream eyeshadows in my cupboard which you can see in my last Makeup Collection post. It contains my highlighters, these are mostly powder as powder generally performs better on my skin than liquid products. 
 In this little blue tray at the front of my drawer I have things like eye primer, an eyeliner sharpener and gel eyeliners. I also have three Dark Heart Designs lipgloss samples, and some kind of lash pearl liquid from Givenchy that I got years ago. 
 This is the second most precious part of my makeup drawer, these are all my eyeshadow pigments, loose eyeshadows and glitters. I have used Glossybox boxes to organise the majority of my makeup collection in this drawer. The middle section is made up of a load of Glamour Doll Eyes loose eyeshadows, and some Dark Heart Designs shadows with other random ones at the back. In the little gap area on the right are some glitters from various companies and some Dark Heart Designs shimmer serums. 
 This is my tiny brow collection and my huge face collection, I rarely use the face collection, but when I'm going out for dinner with my family or for a big occasion or if I'm just having a really bad skin day I will use a whole load of these products. On the left in the cow cup are a few eyebrow products that I'll occasionally use. On the right I have things like foundation, three face powders, face primers, and concealers. The big row of products at the bottom are blushes, and the last product on the right of this row is a Bobbi Brown bronzer that I've had for the same amount of time as the Givenchy lash pearls. 
Finally at the back I have products that I'm saving for my Florida holiday in July, there's TheBalm's Balm Jovi palette which I recently reviewed, and some products from the MAC Archie's Girls collection. There are two of the lip glosses and both the beauty powders. 

I hope you liked my makeup collection, it was really fun to go through everything and look over everything. I think I need to clean those foundation bottles though (I've hardly used them...how can they be so dirty?)...anyone interested in a makeup sale?
I'm also starting up a YouTube channel soon, and will be setting up my blog sale page! 


  1. Wow you have a lot of lipsticks - wish I had that many! They are the products I have the least of because I'm not that adventurous with lip colours!


    Hannah xoxo

  2. You have a great collection! Makeup collection videos/blog pots are some of my favorites to see. Now following you via gfc and bloglovin! :)


  3. Oooooh your makeup collections looks awesome! :)
    I have wayyy to much make up! But that never stops me from buying more things lol.
    Following you now! Found your blog through the Mr Brightside blog hop! :)
    Feel free to check out my blog aswel if you want to :D x


  4. LOVED this post, I really love getting a nosey into peoples makeup collections lol you have some amazing stuff! Happy to have found your blog, now following :) xx


  5. wow! You've got a great collection! :) x


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